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Wild Horses; A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatur
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Wild Horses
A Buffy the Vampire Season 7 & Supernatural Season 5 Role Playing Game;;

Dreams of girls being murdered all over the world by cloaked beings have haunted Buffy Summers' sleep for months.

On top of the Hellmouth's door, the new Sunnydale high school was built. Buffy was hired to work as the new guidance counselor.

The demon Lilith was finally destroyed by Sam Winchester, however, her death raised the ultimate demon, Lucifer, from hell to finally walk the earth. Lucifer has found his vessel and headed straight to the source of hell on Earth: The Hellmouth.

The First & Lucifer team up in Sunnydale to destroy the Slayer line, Watcher's Council, and Hunters, especially Sam and Dean Winchester, and to ultimately end the world.

The First & Lucifer choose the Hellmouth as the place to unleash the be all, end all apocalypse. They want to open the Seal of Danzalthar and unleash the army of Turok-Han (ubervamps) and other horrors upon Sunnydale. Lucifer has brought his band of demons, which are taking over various citizens throughout the town. They enlist the help of faux-preacher Caleb, bringers, and various other-worldly creatures all over the world to destroy the slayer line--starting with the potential slayers, then eliminating Faith, who is still in prison, and finally, Buffy Summers.

Sam and Dean Winchester, after being at fault for unleashing Lucifer upon the world, get wind of his plans in Sunnydale. They find a page in their father's journal about Hellmouths and other pages about the legends of the Slayer, the one girl in all the world chosen to fight demons and vampires. They come to team up with the Sunnydale crew and help out since their number one enemies have teamed up to end the world.

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