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14 April 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Who: Buffy, Dawn, Anya? Anyone else?
Where: A cemetery
When: Night
What: Buffy takes Dawn out for some training
Status: Complete

Buffy sat atop a tomb stone, twirling a stake in her hand impatiently. She heard on the news that this guy had died from neck rupture, a more frequent occurrence than one would think. Especially when you lived in town that was every vampire's favorite feasting spot. So, this guy was most likely killed by a vampire and probably turned.

So, after her sister's constant begging and whining and annoying her to take her out to train, Buffy finally agreed. After she made sure this potential vampire hadn't been a black belt in karate while he was alive. That always made things so difficult. And it was a total unfair advantage.

She yawned, "I know this is totally boring, but when you're first turned and wake up, it's a little disorienting. Or so Angel once told me. And, well, not to mention I've woken up in my own coffin," she said, "Fun times--Anyway, the point is, it sometimes takes them an annoyingly long time to wake up. And it's even more annoying when you have a huge algebra test the next day."

She heard a bit of dirt shuffling and saw it start to move, "Finally, here he comes," she said, looking to her sister, "You ready?"
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16 March 2010 @ 07:32 pm
Who: Gunn and Fred
Where: Starting at the Hyperion, but then going out on a case
When: During the Angel/Cordy thread
What: They finally get a call for a case, possibly even paying!
Status: Incomplete

Things had been quite at the Hyperion the last few days. After Connor was tossed out, and Angel was back, and then they got Lorne and Cordy back as well. So, for a while, it was crazy, but now it was pretty much like having everyone back (with the still obvious and Wes-sized hole, but no one wanted to bring that up). It still felt a lot more normal around the Hyperion. As normal as this place ever got, anyway.

So, what to do now? Right now, Gunn was flipping through a comic book while sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring. They did that a lot, at least during the day. Sure, at night, they can always go out on a patrol or go where they knew vampires hung around and go dust a few, but, during the day, they were pretty much at the mercy of the phone, or possibly even a customer coming inside and asking about them. Both were pretty damn rare, though.

Which was why Gunn jumped a little when he heard the phone ring. Recovering quickly (and being very glad that no one was around to see it), he picked up the phone saying the required phrase, only to get a woman screaming bloody murder into his ears about a monster having taken up residence in her attic. No, she didn't know what kind of monster. She apprently wasn't aware that there were types. All she knew what that she had had to pull her poodle out of its claws to keep it from eating her dog.

Gunn had a soft spot for animals, having grown up keeping more than one dog or cat around wherever he was squatting because people were less likely to mess with you if you kept a big dog, and cats liked to keep mice away by eating them. So, even though it was a fluffy poodle who probably had one of those idiotic haircuts, Gunn was ready to go to town on any monster who tried to eat a dog.

Saying that he'd be right over and writing down the address, he hung up the phone and went to look for Fred. Angel was probably doing the soothing thing to Cordy, plus, you know, daylight outside, so it was pretty much only Fred who could come with him.
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13 February 2010 @ 01:22 pm

Who: Faith, The First dressed up as the Mayor
When: Way after visiting hours, very late at night/early morning
Where: A federal high security penitentiary, central California
What: A visit from an old friend, who wants to see everyone's favorite rogue slayer brought out of retirement.

Faith shot up in bed, pulled right out of dream land by someone clanging the hell out of the bars of her cell. There wasn't a single light on in the block aside from the one they were busy shining right on her face, so why the reason for the rude awakening?

Once she was up and ready, they took her out of her cell, giving no explanation other than someone was here to see her. Even though visiting hours had kinda ended several hours ago. She didn't really get many visitors, either. More like, visitor. Angel. And while the guy was a bit overdue for his monthly chat, she didn't think they'd go and roll out a red carpet like this just for him. Because they definitely weren't leading her off to have a friendly heart to heart with someone seated behind several inches of shiny plexiglass.

They were taking her to the fancy rooms. The ones for inmate consoling. Like, where they'd bring ya to meet with a lawyer. Or a doctor. Faith didn't have either. That didn't mean on days when she got bored, she didn't think it might be fun to talk to a doc about her 'condition', though. Might be interesting to see the faces she'd get upon explaining how stakin' a guy through the heart had actually been an honest accident any vampire slayer might make.

Inside the room was a single table, two chairs, and little else. She took a seat, and started to wait, still without a clue as to what was really going on.

She wasn't sure how long it was before she heard the guards opening up the door again. She looked up, and just like that, Richard Wilkins III, former Mayor extraordinaire, waltzed right on in, and helped himself to the seat opposite.

"Now, I think I deserve a better hello than that blank stare on your face, don't I? You look like you've gone and seen a ghost!"

Apparently she had been staring, eyes wide, mouth dropping to the floor, the works, because well, she kinda was that, seeing a ghost. 'cuz, even though she had gone and slept through the main event, Faith
was pretty damn sure the Mayor had been blown to pieces by B and Co.

Yet, here he was, alive, and chipper as ever.

She shoulda been a little quicker on the uptake, but things finally, for the first time since the guards had dragged her ass out of bed, were makin' sense. She quickly replaced the look of a shock with a shy grin, as she leaned over the table. "I gotta say, I kinda like the dreams with the picnic baskets in the park better than this whole reality gig."

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02 February 2010 @ 10:37 pm
Who: Lilah and Wesley
Where: In bed at her apartment
When: Late evening, while Angel is trying to help Cordy get her memory back
What: Lilah tells Wes that Angel knows about them
Status: Complete

So, another night 'at work.' Really, if this was work, then maybe she should have started doing it a long time ago. Sure was sure that Wes would eventually give in and do what she wanted. She felt that he would make a good fit at Wolfram & Hart, whether he knew it or not. He wasn't the bumbling Watcher that he had wanted his ex-friends to see. He was actually quite ruthless and hard.

Very, very hard.

She rolled off of him and onto the side of the bed in order to catch her breath. Right now the two of them had just finished a very fun evening, that she also got paid for as overtime by the firm, by the way, and, soon enough, she would be getting her clothing on and getting the hell out of here for a fresh shower and a decent night's sleep. However, there was something that she needed to tell Wes first.

Taking a deep breath, she started talking as she continued to look at the ceiling. "So, Angel confronted me last night," she said to him. "Said that he knew about us. Claimed he could smell you on me." She rolled over and looked at him. "You haven't been bragging about nailing me, have you?" He should, since she was obviously the best he'd ever had, if what he lusted after before was a jailbait cheerleader and a Texan twig.
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28 January 2010 @ 01:32 am
Who: Dean and Sam Winchester
When: Late morning
Where: The road from Bobby's in South Dakota, all the way to sunny Californ-I-Ay~
What: Following a lead that the devil is due in Sunnydale, the Winchester brothers set out on an official hunt for Lucifer, with one long, awkward, car ride.

Since his little brother had gone and given the devil himself an express ticket right out of hell, and kick started the apocalypse and all, Dean felt more than a little obligated to do whatever it took to send Lucifer home packing . Because if they did that, then maybe, the world wouldn't end. Which would be pretty damn awesome. Not that he had a fucking clue how they were going to go about doing that, how they were going to be able to kill the devil,but whatever. Every hunt had to start somewhere. And this one had started off with a tip that Lucifer was going to touch down in a happy little place called Sunnydale.

Seriously. All that fire and brimstone must have really gave Lucifer a craving for some SoCal love and sunshine.

If they made good time, it would be take little more than a day, about 30 hours. Which was a hell of a long time to be spending in a car with someone you could barely look at. At least Dean had a good enough excuse, with the driving and all, to keep his eyes on the road. Which he had done pretty much exclusively, except for a single time where he had fiddled with the radio, cranking the volume up to a dangerous level. Because yeah, if he didn't want to even look at Sam, Dean wasn't exactly in a mood to be striking up a friendly chat with him, either.

Besides, he had given him a little bit of busy work to do, anyway. Before he had even pulled out from Bobby's house, he'd gone and tossed Dad's journal into Sam's lap, with a curt "See if you can find something useful." Not that Dean really expected there to be something for Sam to actually find, but it could certainly keep him busy for an hour or two, sifting through for a footnote on the apocalypse, or pointers on how to kill the devil, should anyone be stupid enough to raise him up from Hell, or something.

Not that Dean thought his brother was stupid.

Not for killing Lilith, anyway.

For listening to a god damn hellbitch over his own brother, though? Insane retarded levels of stupid, yeah.

And that'd be exactly why Dean didn't really want to talk to Sam right now. Or look at him. Or be sitting right next to him for the next thirty, well, more like twenty nine now, hours. This was going to be one long ass ride.
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27 January 2010 @ 03:39 pm
Who: Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Xander?
Where: Summers' Home
When: Morning
Status: Closed

A girl was running down a sidewalk in the middle of the night. Her brown hair was flying behind her. She was out of breath. She was terrified. She was running for her life. She was trying to get to someone. Someone she knew would protect her. But, the usually busy streets were deserted. She turned down an alley. She was trapped, searching for another escape. She spotted a rip in the fence. She pulled it back and slipped through. She let out a breath of relief. But, that second was one too long. She started running again, but a hand tugged her arm, pulling her off her course. She gasped as another set of hands pinned her to a brick wall. She heard a shing as a curved knife was released from its sheath. She struggled against the hands, not knowing to whom they belonged before she felt a blade slide into her torso. She screamed, but one of the hands muffled her cries.

She was screaming, but nothing was coming out, except blood. And more blood. Her life flowing out of her in buckets. The hands let go of her, and she fell to the hard concrete of the alley---

Buffy Summers awoke in her bed with a start, tangled in her blankets. She reached up and wiped away a few beads of sweat that had collected on her forehead. As she gradually caught her breath, she blinked a few times to focus the numbers on her alarm clock. It was barely six in the morning. She didn't really have to get up for at least another hour, but after that dream, the likelihood of her falling back asleep was slim.

She tossed her comforter away and stumbled towards the bathroom. She washed her face with cool water before brushing her teeth and heading downstairs. She went through the motions of brewing a pot of coffee and grabbing the newspaper. She took a seat on the stool in the kitchen, flipping through the paper as the coffee brewed. A headline caught her eye: "Brutal Stabbing in an Oak Park Street Alley." Her brow furrowed as she read the article. A young woman was found stabbed to death in an alley. There was a picture. Why did she look so much like the girl in her dream?

She leaned her chin on her palm, reading the short article over and over again. She didn't even notice when another person came into the kitchen.
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27 January 2010 @ 02:41 pm
Who: Angel and Cordelia
Where: Cordelia's New Bedroom
When: A few days after Cordelia comes back
What: Going through pictures to see if anything sparks Cordy's memory
Status: Incomplete

Finding out where Cordelia was had been mind blowing. She had become a higher being. If anyone was good enough to do it, he thought that it was her. He had managed to resign himself to the fact that he wasn't going to be able to get her back. And then she appears in the lobby of the hotel, looking just like she had when he had last seen her. It was sort of mind boggling. He really had no idea how to react, especially when they figured out that she had no memory of them or anything.

Gunn had put forth the idea of letting her go through her stuff and see if being around her stuff would give her any memories back. So, she had went up to her new little apartment in the hotel (they couldn't afford the rent on her apartment anymore, it seemed), and, as far as Angel knew, she was starting to go through her stuff. They hadn't unpacked any of her stuff, hoping that she would come and do it herself, and then just holding onto her stuff in a sentimental way.

It took Angel about half an hour to finally give up on waiting and go up and see her. He wasn't sure if she would want him around, but he wanted to at least check on her. A part of him wanted to make sure that she was actually there. That this hadn't been a dream and that she hadn't disappeared again or something.

He walked up and knocked on her door. "Cordelia? It's Angel. Can I come in?"
27 January 2010 @ 10:09 am
Okay, all of you fabulous people! We have now filled the big casting hole we needed to start (and are about to fill the other two roles I really wanted if the reserves come through), so YAY! *throws confetti*

So, I believe we can start this game today!

Just to be clear on a bit of the timeline:

Buffy crew: A few episodes into season 7. Willow is back from England. Buffy is a guidance counselor at the high school, where Dawn attends. Xander is construction man. Anya is a vengeance demon again (if we get an Anya). Giles is still in England. And The First is bugging crazy/ensouled Spike in the basement--unless we want Spike to be living with Xander by now, that's up to you guys. Jonathan & Andrew are chillin' in Mexico. (Also, I'll be playing The First for us all.)

Supernatural boys: Sam just let Lucifer free upon the world by killing Lilith. Woops! Demons are roaming the world, possessing people everywhere. Dean & Sam get wind that Lucifer is heading to the Hellmouth in Sunnydale, etc etc. (More eloquent sounding details in the userinfo.)

Angel crew: Angel kicked Connor out of the Hyperion because he tossed him to the bottom of the ocean for several months. Wesley saved him, but he's still boinking Lilah at this point (I think?), so still on not-so-good terms with everyone. Fred & Gunn are still together. Cordelia just popped back from being a higher being, but she is memoryless. And Lorne is back from his stint in Las Vegas.

I think that covers where we're all at.

Sooo, feel free to start posting whenever you're ready!

To help get everybody started, here's some thread ideas:

-Typical morning at the Summers house (which could be Buffy/Dawn/Willow/Xan) AND/OR Buffy takes Dawn (and Willow & Xander to help) out for some more vamp staking training. Then they maybe get attacked by bringers?
-Dean & Sam on their way to Sunnydale
-Cordelia & Angel trying to bring back her memories
-Wes & Lilah...doing who knows what ;)
-Gunn & Fred doing whatever tickles their fancy

-Any other ideas? Those were just the ones I came up with off the top of my head

Wow, I apologize for this being so long. Anyway, thanks everyone for joining and I'm excited to get this game started.

Questions, comments, plotting, etc? Go for it!

Thanks everyone!
27 December 2009 @ 04:37 pm
OOC Community: wildhorsesooc
23 December 2009 @ 11:51 pm
If you would like to reserve a character so you have adequate time to fill out the application, feel free to ask. We will hold the character for 3 days. Please send an application before the holding time is up. If we do not receive an application from you, then the character will become available again.

A strikethrough means the character is taken. Bold means the character is very much wanted in gameplay!

Wanted & Available CharactersCollapse )