Gabriel (casaeroticafan) wrote in wildhorses_rpg,

Tricksters Are As Tricksters Do.

Who: Buffy and Gabriel/Loki
Where: The Sunnydale Cemetery. One of them. The big one.
When: After dark.
What: Announcing his arrival to The Slayer seemed polite; doing it with a prank seemed mandatory.
Status: Incomplete

Sunnydale had more cemeteries in it than Gabriel thought was wise given its location above a hellmouth, but with the death rate he supposed they were all necessary. Of course, with the coming-back-from-death rate they might as well just heap the corpses in a field for all the good it does to bury them.

It was probably a closure thing.

He stared across the cemetery he'd chosen, standing perched on the roof of one of the taller mausoleums. It was a good cemetery; the biggest one in town. It was also closest to the Slayer, and that was important; if he was gonna be introducing himself, he'd need plenty of room to work and a guarantee that she'd notice his genius. Lifting his right hand high, he snapped his fingers. Immediately they began to appear, vampires of both genders perched on headstones and leaning against trees; some just lurking in the shadows.

All of them looked caught up in deep introspection; tormented expressions on their faces as they contemplated the misdeeds of their unlives - reflecting on their sins and being filled with deep, unaccountable angst. Yes, a cemetery of vampires with souls; all of them wallowing in self-loathing and depression - a great deal of them wearing stylish turtlenecks and looking like distraught hipsters.

Another snap of his fingers and he was sitting down in an overstuffed recliner, popcorn in one hand and a sugary soft-drink in the other. Snacks and entertainment; all he needed to complete the show was for the Slayer to arrive.

Intent on hastening her entrance he introduced another element into his show: a few disembodied screams of terror.
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