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Who: Cordelia, Fred, Lilah
Where: Designer Shopping District in Los Angeles
When: Evening
Status: Incomplete

While Lorne, Angel, and Gunn worked on the mystical side of getting Cordelia's memory back, Fred thought that taking Cordelia to do one of her very favorite things in the world would help. So, she took Cordelia shopping. Cordelia had taken her to these stores back when they were looking for dresses to wear to the ballet. That seemed so long ago now.

When they arrived, Fred watched Cordelia's anxiously for any sign of recognition, but so far nothing.

"I really like this stuff, don't I?" Cordelia said as they entered the boutique. "I mean, I'm not surprised since I clearly have excellent taste."

Fred smiled, "Definitely. You took me here shopping when all of us went to the ballet together last year," she lowered her voice, grinning, "You taught me to hide the tags in the dress, wear it once, and then take the dress back the next day."

"Stylish and smart," Cordelia said, "No wonder you guys want the real Cordelia back so badly." She head to one of the dress racks, Fred following behind.
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