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Who: Dean and Sam Winchester, maybe a nerdy angel
When: Evening, right after Dean leaves Buffy's
Where: Downtowner Motel
What: Dean returns to feed Sammy with squished Doublemeat awesomeness, a soggy salad, and gossip about the cutest chick in town. Who may or may not be an evil demon they'll have to kill.

Dean pulled the impala into a space close to the room they had rented out, and killed the engine before glancing back at the bag of food propped up in the back seat, grimacing slightly. It pretty much looked like it had survived a war-- it was crumpled, torn in places, leaking in others (something he wasn't too happy about), and even appeared to be "bleeding", no doubt thanks to the now most definitely very smushed cherry pie. He reached back and carefully scooped it up, happy to see it hadn't oozed all over the interior of the seat, and then risked a peek inside at the contents, his lips pursing in thought.

It probably all still tasted good, and since the salad was kinda packed in there, towards the bottom, and still appeared to be fully contained in it's little plastic package, he figured there was no reason why he should feel bad presenting this all to his brother for consumption. It's not like either of them were very picky about looks-- considering the average appearance of the places they checked into-- seriously, just look at this dump, Dean had no idea how the place was still standing.

Once he actually was walking into their room, only to see Sam standing there in his jacket, Dean felt the tiniest lump of guilt lurch into his throat. He swallowed it back down though, once he reminded himself he hadn't been trying to pick up a girl-- he had been doing research. Research of the utmost importance...!

"Going somewhere, Sammy?"

He stepped further into the room, and set the bag on a table, already unpacking it, trying hard not to let Sam see that pretty much everything in the bag was covered in gooey red pie guts. He pulled his hands away and ended up licking his finger, giving a nod of appreciation. Smushed cherry pie was still cherry pie, and cherry pie always tasted good.

He finally glanced up to Sam with an almost apologetic grin, "I actually have a pretty good explanation for this."
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