Connor (prophecy_boy) wrote in wildhorses_rpg,

Pushing boundaries.

Who: Connor and anyone who happens to spot him.
Where: Hyperion Hotel.
When: Evening.
Status: Incomplete.

Morbid curiosity had brought him there. Connor had been kicked out of the hotel upon Angel's return; at first he had been angry, even frightened, wondering what Angel might do to him in retaliation now that he was a free man above water. The answer seemed to be... nothing. Nothing more than the words "Get out of my house." No attempts at revenge. None of what Connor had expected from the monster that Holtz had painted him to be for so many years. Not for the first time, he doubted the truth of those stories. More than once, he thought he felt Angel's presence nearby as he walked the streets of this strange city, but he never saw his face, they never spoke, and he never felt he was in danger in those moments.

It had happened often enough that he found himself drawn back to this place, curious about the people that his choices had forced him to leave behind so soon after his arrival. Had Angel recovered? Was it still just Fred and Gunn there with him, or had that Wesley person come to stay, too? Was that demon still among them, the one with the strange clothing? And what about Cordelia? Had she been found? ... did they still blame him for her disappearance? She had gone missing the same night as Angel. He could see why that made him look like a suspect, but...

He frowned to himself as he dropped into a low crouch, carefully approaching the window in the garden from well below eye-level. He had been kicked out, but not banished from the grounds. He wasn't about to storm through the doors without an invitation, and truth be told, he would have been wary about entering even if he had been welcome, but there was nothing to be said against looking in the window, was there? He was doing fine on his own. He didn't need them. He'd found a place to sleep indoors and knew how to feed himself, and there were plenty of vampires walking the streets to take out his frustrations on. He was doing alright. He just... well. He just wanted to see a familiar face. Even if it wasn't a face that would be happy to see him.
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