curiousburkle (curiousburkle) wrote in wildhorses_rpg,

Who: Fred, Wesley, Lilah
Where: Wesley's Apartment
When: Late evening
Status: Incomplete

Fred knew it was wrong. She knew that they all apparently "weren't speaking" to Wesley. But, she didn't care. He was still part of their team in her opinion. She really thought Angel and Gunn were overreacting, even now. Connor was back and all was...well, sort of well?

Granted, it wasn't the perfect situation, but Angel and Wesley had been practically best friends from her point of view. She just couldn't understand why he'd want to throw it all away. Of course, she knew there was some definite bad feeling on Wesley's end, as well. And she couldn't blame him. So, really, she thought Angel should be groveling and trying to get Wesley back to rejoin the team.

Because they needed him now more than ever. Cordelia was back and completely memoryless. At least for her own memories. And it really seemed like the only person who would know what to do or even where to start was Wesley.

So, here she was, standing outside his apartment for five minutes now. She had raised her hand to knock about twenty times by now. She set her jaw and clenched her fist, finally knocking, though it was a light sound. She swallowed an overwhelmingly large lump in her throat as she waited for a response on the other end.
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