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Dean Winchester

Heaven has a foodchain?!

Who: Dean, open
When: Dinner time!
Where: Doublemeat Palace, Sunnydale, CA
What: Dean, already a fan of eating two animals together, is totally getting his food from this place every night. They should sell salads or something a teenage girl would eat, too, right?
Status: Incomplete

"With extra bacon on that, please," Dean added with a smile. Seriously, if the world was ending, every thing he ordered was going to be coming with extra bacon from here on out.

It'd been a lengthy car ride, and the motel wasn't exactly making the top ten list. Unless it was for most likely to fall to the ground while staying in it. Their room really looked like the door and half a wall had one time picked a fight with a bulldozer, and seriously lost. You could see patches of plaster desperately clinging to just about every wall, and everything.

Maybe that had something to do with why Dean had volunteered to be the one to go pick up dinner. Usually, especially after a day long drive, it was common practice for him to crash face first into his bed, and let the job of food runner fall to his brother by default. But actually, it was because the minute he drove by this place, the awesomely named Doublemeat Palace, he knew there was no way he was going to get Sam to even think about going there. So, Dean had very suavely volunteered to be the one to go and grab some food for the night, and hadn't exactly waited around long enough to hear otherwise. 

When the clerk asked if Dean had wanted anything else, he had nodded, and then instantly become lost again in the overhead menu and it's many double meaty delicious offerings. None of it was exactly calling out Sam's name.  


"Uh, sorry, can I add an order of those chicken ring things, I guess, and a cherry pie. Two cherry pies, actually." Dean pulled his eyes away from the mesmerizing menu, and flashed his nicest smile before pointedly dropping his voice an octave, "And could you help me out, and tell me what's the girliest thing you got on the menu?" He had another innocent grin ready to meet the clerk's stare. Poor Sammy had to eat something, though...! He just had no idea what that was going to be, exactly.

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