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20 September 2011 @ 07:18 pm
Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to post this for a while. I'm sorry it took so long and that I left you all hanging.

Life has gotten ridiculously busy for me. I work 9-6 and have grad school a couple of times a week for the next year. Plus, my social life has gotten pretty awesome (definitely not complaining about that!), so any extra time I have is usually spent elsewhere or in complete exhaustion or doing homework.

I'm going to have to close down all of my games. It was really hard to finally come to this decision because writing for Buffy was such a big part of my internet life and I LOVE it dearly. I know I'll miss it hardcore. And I met many great interweb friends from it. But, the Buffy RPG-verse seems to be dying out anyway. I just don't have time to post really and even less time to chase people down to make sure they're also posting.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone. Especially Jess, FG, and Amy, who I've been playing with for years. I love you guys and I love everyone else I've ever RP'ed with.

I might be less crazy busy in the future and then maybe I can do some one-on-ones with people. But we'll see.

Once again, just wanted to say thank you to everyone and I loved playing with all of you.

Good luck to everyone in your lives and RP endeavors.

Feel free to friend me on my regular journal chiigusa or on twitter.

08 June 2011 @ 08:17 pm
Who: Buffy and Gabriel/Loki
Where: The Sunnydale Cemetery. One of them. The big one.
When: After dark.
What: Announcing his arrival to The Slayer seemed polite; doing it with a prank seemed mandatory.
Status: Incomplete

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21 May 2011 @ 12:55 am
Who: Buffy and Giles
Where: Buffy's Home
When: Afternoon
What: Explaining to her what's really going on
Status: Incomplete

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10 May 2011 @ 09:49 pm
Who: Cordelia, Fred, Lilah
Where: Designer Shopping District in Los Angeles
When: Evening
Status: Incomplete

While Lorne, Angel, and Gunn worked on the mystical side of getting Cordelia's memory back, Fred thought that taking Cordelia to do one of her very favorite things in the world would help. So, she took Cordelia shopping. Cordelia had taken her to these stores back when they were looking for dresses to wear to the ballet. That seemed so long ago now.

When they arrived, Fred watched Cordelia's anxiously for any sign of recognition, but so far nothing.

"I really like this stuff, don't I?" Cordelia said as they entered the boutique. "I mean, I'm not surprised since I clearly have excellent taste."

Fred smiled, "Definitely. You took me here shopping when all of us went to the ballet together last year," she lowered her voice, grinning, "You taught me to hide the tags in the dress, wear it once, and then take the dress back the next day."

"Stylish and smart," Cordelia said, "No wonder you guys want the real Cordelia back so badly." She head to one of the dress racks, Fred following behind.
13 February 2011 @ 02:21 am
Who: Dean and Sam Winchester, maybe a nerdy angel
When: Evening, right after Dean leaves Buffy's
Where: Downtowner Motel
What: Dean returns to feed Sammy with squished Doublemeat awesomeness, a soggy salad, and gossip about the cutest chick in town. Who may or may not be an evil demon they'll have to kill.

Dean pulled the impala into a space close to the room they had rented out, and killed the engine before glancing back at the bag of food propped up in the back seat, grimacing slightly. It pretty much looked like it had survived a war-- it was crumpled, torn in places, leaking in others (something he wasn't too happy about), and even appeared to be "bleeding", no doubt thanks to the now most definitely very smushed cherry pie. He reached back and carefully scooped it up, happy to see it hadn't oozed all over the interior of the seat, and then risked a peek inside at the contents, his lips pursing in thought.

It probably all still tasted good, and since the salad was kinda packed in there, towards the bottom, and still appeared to be fully contained in it's little plastic package, he figured there was no reason why he should feel bad presenting this all to his brother for consumption. It's not like either of them were very picky about looks-- considering the average appearance of the places they checked into-- seriously, just look at this dump, Dean had no idea how the place was still standing.

Once he actually was walking into their room, only to see Sam standing there in his jacket, Dean felt the tiniest lump of guilt lurch into his throat. He swallowed it back down though, once he reminded himself he hadn't been trying to pick up a girl-- he had been doing research. Research of the utmost importance...!

"Going somewhere, Sammy?"

He stepped further into the room, and set the bag on a table, already unpacking it, trying hard not to let Sam see that pretty much everything in the bag was covered in gooey red pie guts. He pulled his hands away and ended up licking his finger, giving a nod of appreciation. Smushed cherry pie was still cherry pie, and cherry pie always tasted good.

He finally glanced up to Sam with an almost apologetic grin, "I actually have a pretty good explanation for this."
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21 December 2010 @ 12:24 am
Who: Connor and anyone who happens to spot him.
Where: Hyperion Hotel.
When: Evening.
Status: Incomplete.

Morbid curiosity had brought him there. Connor had been kicked out of the hotel upon Angel's return; at first he had been angry, even frightened, wondering what Angel might do to him in retaliation now that he was a free man above water. The answer seemed to be... nothing. Nothing more than the words "Get out of my house." No attempts at revenge. None of what Connor had expected from the monster that Holtz had painted him to be for so many years. Not for the first time, he doubted the truth of those stories. More than once, he thought he felt Angel's presence nearby as he walked the streets of this strange city, but he never saw his face, they never spoke, and he never felt he was in danger in those moments.

It had happened often enough that he found himself drawn back to this place, curious about the people that his choices had forced him to leave behind so soon after his arrival. Had Angel recovered? Was it still just Fred and Gunn there with him, or had that Wesley person come to stay, too? Was that demon still among them, the one with the strange clothing? And what about Cordelia? Had she been found? ... did they still blame him for her disappearance? She had gone missing the same night as Angel. He could see why that made him look like a suspect, but...

He frowned to himself as he dropped into a low crouch, carefully approaching the window in the garden from well below eye-level. He had been kicked out, but not banished from the grounds. He wasn't about to storm through the doors without an invitation, and truth be told, he would have been wary about entering even if he had been welcome, but there was nothing to be said against looking in the window, was there? He was doing fine on his own. He didn't need them. He'd found a place to sleep indoors and knew how to feed himself, and there were plenty of vampires walking the streets to take out his frustrations on. He was doing alright. He just... well. He just wanted to see a familiar face. Even if it wasn't a face that would be happy to see him.
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09 December 2010 @ 03:11 pm
Who: Cordelia, Angel, Fred, Gunn
Where: Hyperion Hotel
When: Evening
Status: Incomplete

Still unsure of who she really was, Cordelia found herself rummaging through her box of old stuff. Well, it was more like old crap to her since she had no real memory or connection, except the pictures. She rather enjoyed rifling through the photos, though felt a strange chill whenever she saw the photos of her and Angel with the baby.

Thankfully, she didn't seem to lose any knowledge of Los Angeles or any other general knowledge, so she still knew the best places to shop, which was oddly comforting. Maybe the "real" Cordelia enjoyed shopping, she figured. She couldn't take being cooped up much longer, especially with these so-called friends. They were all being super nice, of course, but it was just weird having to suddenly get to know all these strange people.

She wandered into the lobby--as she usually did when she got bored of staring at her photos, while desperately trying to make sense of them--and found herself in one of the offices full of old, musty books. She sat at a desk and flipped through the pages slowly and carefully, making "yeah" noises every now and then.

Living in this old hotel was definitely bizarre and demon hunting was an even stranger profession. Where had the "real" Cordelia gone wrong? Did she actually enjoy all this?
27 August 2010 @ 11:52 am
Who: Fred, Wesley, Lilah
Where: Wesley's Apartment
When: Late evening
Status: Incomplete

Fred knew it was wrong. She knew that they all apparently "weren't speaking" to Wesley. But, she didn't care. He was still part of their team in her opinion. She really thought Angel and Gunn were overreacting, even now. Connor was back and all was...well, sort of well?

Granted, it wasn't the perfect situation, but Angel and Wesley had been practically best friends from her point of view. She just couldn't understand why he'd want to throw it all away. Of course, she knew there was some definite bad feeling on Wesley's end, as well. And she couldn't blame him. So, really, she thought Angel should be groveling and trying to get Wesley back to rejoin the team.

Because they needed him now more than ever. Cordelia was back and completely memoryless. At least for her own memories. And it really seemed like the only person who would know what to do or even where to start was Wesley.

So, here she was, standing outside his apartment for five minutes now. She had raised her hand to knock about twenty times by now. She set her jaw and clenched her fist, finally knocking, though it was a light sound. She swallowed an overwhelmingly large lump in her throat as she waited for a response on the other end.
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03 June 2010 @ 12:45 pm

Who: Dean, open
When: Dinner time!
Where: Doublemeat Palace, Sunnydale, CA
What: Dean, already a fan of eating two animals together, is totally getting his food from this place every night. They should sell salads or something a teenage girl would eat, too, right?
Status: Incomplete

"With extra bacon on that, please," Dean added with a smile. Seriously, if the world was ending, every thing he ordered was going to be coming with extra bacon from here on out.

It'd been a lengthy car ride, and the motel wasn't exactly making the top ten list. Unless it was for most likely to fall to the ground while staying in it. Their room really looked like the door and half a wall had one time picked a fight with a bulldozer, and seriously lost. You could see patches of plaster desperately clinging to just about every wall, and everything.

Maybe that had something to do with why Dean had volunteered to be the one to go pick up dinner. Usually, especially after a day long drive, it was common practice for him to crash face first into his bed, and let the job of food runner fall to his brother by default. But actually, it was because the minute he drove by this place, the awesomely named Doublemeat Palace, he knew there was no way he was going to get Sam to even think about going there. So, Dean had very suavely volunteered to be the one to go and grab some food for the night, and hadn't exactly waited around long enough to hear otherwise. 

When the clerk asked if Dean had wanted anything else, he had nodded, and then instantly become lost again in the overhead menu and it's many double meaty delicious offerings. None of it was exactly calling out Sam's name.  


"Uh, sorry, can I add an order of those chicken ring things, I guess, and a cherry pie. Two cherry pies, actually." Dean pulled his eyes away from the mesmerizing menu, and flashed his nicest smile before pointedly dropping his voice an octave, "And could you help me out, and tell me what's the girliest thing you got on the menu?" He had another innocent grin ready to meet the clerk's stare. Poor Sammy had to eat something, though...! He just had no idea what that was going to be, exactly.

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11 May 2010 @ 04:55 pm
Who: Lilah Morgan and The First
When: Four a.m.
Where: Lilah's Apartment
What: Lilah gets a visit from The First in what is, to her, an all to familiar face.
Status: One shot, Complete

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