Rupert Giles (british_watcher) wrote in wildhorses_rpg,
Rupert Giles

Meeting Up

Who: Buffy and Giles
Where: Buffy's Home
When: Afternoon
What: Explaining to her what's really going on
Status: Incomplete

Giles was exhausted. He had spent the last several days mostly on an airplane, flying across the world as he was starting to look for potential Slayers and Watchers. He was having trouble locating more and more of them alive, arriving just in time for funerals. Funerals if they were lucky to have them, that is. Sometimes there wasn't anyone around to have funerals for them. Sometimes entire households were taken out as well.

After doing some research, he was sure of what was doing it, so he knew that he had to go back to Sunnydale to Buffy to let her know. He hadn't heard anything from Dawn or anyone else, so he was sure that she was OK...unless they had gotten to them all. He was worried that something had happened, so, once his plane had landed, he had rushed straight from the airport to Buffy's home. There wasn't a car in the driveway, but he was fairly certain that Buffy STILL didn't have a license. No one in their right mind would give her one.

Still, the house looked OK; it wasn't broken into or anything of that nature. That didn't set him at ease, though. He would only feel better once he saw Buffy. He walked out of the taxi, paid the driver, and walked up to Buffy's door, knocking on the door, praying that she would answer and be OK.
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